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"A Growing Demand for Delivery is rampant in the Detroit Metro Area. The rising costs of insurance has caused a rise in the need for mobile services.If you are looking for easy money, work with us! Genie Deliver! helps to bridge the gap between those that need service and those that offer service through our state of the art merchant dashboards and mobile apps."


Plenty of Pick Ups

Detroiters always want breakfast. Feel confident knowing signing on means making money.

More Deliveries for Your Miles

Mileage is not a factor when you work a small busy area.

Better Pay Per Hour

With so many breakfast orders in a small area, save gas, make more money.

Smaller Routes/Lower Traffic

Don't have to speed through traffic and long distances, drive with ease to your deliveries.

Order Stacking

Getting more than one order? Now you can maximize with multiple order pickups.

Electronic Pay+Tips

No more carrying cash. Enjoy the safety of electronic payments.

Free App for Deliveries

Delivery app to receive and deliver orders with ease.

Incentives & Profit Sharing

Coming Soon.

How to Become A Genie Deliver! Driver

1. Download the App

2. Register & Verify

3. Learn System /Routes

4. Sign In to Make Money

Requirements to Drive with Genie Deliver!

-19+ years of age
-2+ years driving experience
-Own an Android with 4.0 or higher (With data plan)
-Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
-Cash App by Square or A PayPal Account

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